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Economic Research Journal is published by the Institute of Economics at ChineseAcademy of Social Science. It publishes comprehensive nationwide economic theory since 1955. The journal characterizes itself with academic, contemporary, innovative and future-oriented topics. It is open to the international economic theory frontier and focuses on the application to the Chinese economy. It strives to publish original works of scholarship on the important topics in the transitional economy of China and promotes the modernization of Chinese economy and the development of economics as a subject in China.


Over the past decade, the Economic Research Journal 1) adapts to the requirements of market economy and the new situation in the development of Chinese economic theory, 2) updates frequently with the research topics, 3) uses new methods in research in modern economics and 4) is the first journal that uses reference and double blind research process. It has great influence on the journals in and outside of China and has been widely praised for its high quality. It was ranked among the 100 best social science journals by General Administration of Press and Publication of People’s Republic of China in 1998 and 2000 and was awarded as an outstanding journal by the ChineseAcademy of Social Science in 1999 and 2002. It was the only journal in Economics named the National Journal in 2000 and 2002. The journal strives to improve its quality by using double-blind reviewing system and theory development in real world applications.

Economic Research Journal is ranked first in seven indicators in the 2008 Chinese Academic Journals Comprehensive Citation Report and 2008 Chinese Social Science Citation Index among journals in Economics and Social Science in general. Since 2007, total citations increase from 8,247 to 10,977. Overall impact factor for the last 2 years increases from 7.37 to 8.62, and for the last 5 years increases from 7.46 to 8.78.

The citation ratio excluding self-cites maintains its high position at 0.97 and the number of cited journals rises from 997 to 1126. In 2007, the download rate rises in rapidly from 124.1 to 307.4 and the newly built index, H index is as high as 68.


Economic Research Journal publishes 50% to 60% articles which received the SUN Yefang Economics Prize in addition to the awards of National Journals for consecutive years. It also received a good evaluation in the Journal Review Report organized by ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences.

The Economic Research Journal has been revised in 2000 and expanded in 2007 to 160 pages per issue so as to publish more high-quality articles for readers. The Journal will continue its good work to provide knowledge to researchers, policy makers, policy implementers, professors and students, entrepreneurs, and all others interested in exploring the economic theory and in the career of the economic reform in China.


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