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Summary of the Seventh Fudan - Lund Economic Forum on “Competitiveness of the Euro and European Union" 2010
Date:2010-10-23       From:School of Economics, Fudan University


The seventh "FudanUniversity - Lund Economic Forum" was successfully held in institute of economics, FudanUniversity on May 31, 2010, co-sponsored by Institute of World Economy, FudanUniversity and Institute of Economics, University of Lund , Sweden. The theme of the forum is “Euro and EU Competitiveness” in accordance with the consistent principles on discussing multi-faceted hot topics in regional and international economies as well as the great concern over the financial crisis in Europe represented by Sweden.


During the conference, 10 experts including four Swedish scholars have launched a multi-faceted and highly productive discussion on “Euro and EU Competiveness”  through keynote speeches and seminars.


Professor Ding Chun, executive general of

institute of EU issues ,Fudan university, chaired this forum. After his short opening introduction, Professor Hua Ming,dean of institute of world economy, FudanUniversity and Allan T. Malm, president of school of management, LundUniversity gave welcoming address respectively, then Professor Allan T. Malm delivered a speech on the dilemma of euro and world economy after the financial crisis.


Followed that, Professor Sun Lijian from institute of world economy and vice president of school of economics, Fudan University, delivered a wonderful keynote speech “Is It Necessary Today to Globally Regulate Hedge Fund?”, in which he conducted an in-depth analysis of the manifestations of opportunism in the mist of financial crisis especially in the current debt crisis in Sweden and expressed his views on the operational traits and future development of European economy.


Professor Lars Oxelheim from institute of economics,

Lund University, gave a speech on “The Future of EURO”, in which from the perspective of internal mechanism, he commended on the emergence and solutions of the dilemmas in euro and European economy, contributed to the forum with leading scholars’ viewpoints and research results.


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